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Golden Ears Provincial Park

Yesterday we drove out to Golden Ears Park for some hiking.

Golden Ears Park 3

Golden Ear Park 8

Gorgeous, right? We thought so, too.

More than anything else, we’ve enjoyed exploring our new home province.  Whether it’s skiing Cypress and Whistler, long runs on the Seawall or hiking on the North Shore and the interior, we’re always up for anything.

Golden Ear Park 1

Today was no exception.

Golden Ear Park 2

This hike was relatively short for us due to a blister situation on my part.  Following our participation in the Sun Run and then a longer run on Thursday, I got some really bad blisters.   Like, wearing flats caused me pain.

Thank goodness for Elastoplast bandaids!  By the time Sunday rolled around, I was ready for a hike- but we kept it to 6km on the Lower Falls trail.  Honestly, if you’re wondering what to do with your kids on a sunny afternoon- take them here.  We brought our fur-child, Ashe, and she absolutely loved it.

Golden Ear Park 6

We’re not above making her the pack-mule.  You may not want to try this with human children, though?

Golden Ear Park 4

Golden Ear Park 5

After our hike, we also decided to check out Alouette Lake that’s a part of the park.  All I can say is, wow.

Golden Ear Park 9

The views are just stunning.  I really hope that we can come back in the summer, perhaps rent a boat?

I envision BBQ’s in our future here, too.

Ok, back to reality.  Check back tomorrow for a kick-ass Indian dish. You won’t be sorry.

Jess xo