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Drink, Write, Run… All week

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Raise your  hands if you’ve made one or several New Years Resolutions.  Lower your hand if you’ve already “fallen off the wagon”.

So many of us set these large, lofty resolutions as the clock strikes midnight, bringing with us a sense of  hope and confidence as we enter into the New Year, slightly sauced off champagne.   The following morning, as the hang-over wears off, we begin to realize that our resolutions may not have been as manageable as we previously thought and we start to doubt ourselves.  On January 1st.


That’s why my only New Year’s resolution for t his year, was simply to set weekly goals on what I’d like to see myself accomplish on any given week. I’m a goal oriented person- it’s what motivates me to get done what I need to get done.  I don’t necessarily need a reward at the end of it, just a clear direction on where to go and what I want to accomplish. 

No minimum amount or maximum amount of goals required, just so long as I provide myself with some direction on what I should achieve on any given week.

So with that in mind, here are my goals for the week:

1)      Drink water, at least 1.5L every day.  I am always trying to remind myself to drink more water instead of coffee.  So there you have it- drink more water is my first goal.


2)      Blog more often.  I blog because I like to write, I blog about food because I love to cook.  Plus, as someone who professes to be both a marketing and social media professional, it’s good practice and will hopefully improve my writing and communications skills over time.


3)     Run three times this week.  Following a really awful half-marathon experience in Whistler this past June (was purely my own fault for not training properly) I have decided to sign up for the Toronto Goodlife Half Marathon that takes place in May.  I haven’t been running much (read: at all) so I need to work myself up slowly to prevent any injuries when I begin proper training in mid-February.  I have a history of hip-flexor issues, so I want to avoid those at all costs.


I will get back to this state… eventually 😉

Honestly, I feel much more capable of accomplishing these goals that I’ve set for a week, rather than setting goals for an entire year. I think if people broke down their New Year’s resolutions into more specific goals over smaller time frames, they would find them less daunting and far easier to accomplish.

On that note, I’m off to get a tall glass of water and go for a run (on the treadmill, it’s too bloody cold outside!)



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