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When I Grow Up I Wanna Be…

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Ever since my last post, this question has been percolating in my mind over and over:

What do I want to do with my life?

career choice


I mean, here I am with a part-time job and a few contracts to keep life interesting, but no set career job right now.  While this is obviously an uncomfortable situation to me, I am trying to view it as the opportunity to get it right.  To find that job that will hopefully leave me feeling professionally fulfilled and my bank account a little happier, too.

So with that in mind, I’m going to play the game of:

If I could wake up tomorrow and start any fantasy job, I would want to do any of these:

1)      Brand Marketing Specialist/Strategist/Manager (whatever title a company might be using)


Photo Credit: Boch & Fern

Photo Credit: Boch & Fern Brand Strategist Creative Agency

Not just because the title sounds cool but because this is what I feel my career has been building towards since my early days when I first entered into the big, bad world of Sports Marketing.  Branding is simply in my professional DNA.  I get it, it gets me.   We go together like PB& J.   I like plotting out the road map a brand should take, I like bringing together different marketing tactics to make one kick-ass campaign.  Plotting, planning and bringing those ideas into fruition- does it really get any better than that?

2)      Café Owner

Cafe Owner in Paris would be even better.

Cafe Owner in Paris would be even better.

Okay, I know we just did a 180 here from corporate marketing chick to small business owner.  But this has been a dream of mine and Dustin’s since pretty much the beginning of our relationship, and it’s been a long-harbored dream of mine since before then.     I mean really, it’s not a secret that I love to cook and bake and that I can’t function without coffee.  I also love cooking for other people and experimenting with all kinds of different ingredients to make delicious meals.  So to be able to house that into a happy little business where I can come up with unique menus and celebrate what I love most about food on a daily basis and get paid for it, would be pretty incredible.

3)      Interior Designer




I know, I know another random tangent.  To be honest, I don’t really know where this is coming from.   All I know is that I’ve probably watched way too many home decorating shows (hey-some people like to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians; I’m shamelessly addicted to Candice Tells All).  I’m also 99% sure that my drive towards home ownership is simply an excuse so I can finally design my dream house.  I love beautiful spaces and I love being inspired through magazines, TV shows and obviously Pinterest.  I love hunting through flea markets, home décor and fabric stores, and don’t even get me started on the home and kitchen sections at The Bay.  I like putting different fabrics together with paint colours, and exploring how this texture works with that one.  So why not- it’s a fantasy and I can dream, right?

Looking at this list though, I guess what I love most is the creative process.  I love starting with a concept and running with it.  New ideas excite me and I’m not a huge fan of the repetitive or mundane.  So while I clearly have a wide-variety of career interests, that may or may not make sense with my current work experience, at least I know fundamentally what I want out of a career, regardless of what the vocation may be.

If you could wake up tomorrow, what would your chosen profession be?


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